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Meri is our Reiki Practitioner!

She started her journey in 2020and became a Reiki Master in 2024. Meri loves giving a full, integrative Reiki session with essential oils, candles and singing bowls, but also offers express treatments for anyone who has something pop up suddenly or just wants to move that energy through and get back at it! 

You'll feel right at home with Meri, her warmth and welcoming energy creates a safe, inviting space for you to truly relax and feel balanced. 

Meri truly believes in the power of community & loves to connect & help women along their journey. She says, "Connection creates empowerment and empowered women can make magic!"

Meri is a woman of many hats! When she isn't in her treatment room, she loves making AMAZING sugar cookies, pour painting, creative writing (she's got her own blog! Link coming soon), and dancing! She is part of The Doll Pack, a local dance troupe, who puts on some amazing shows here in Medford!

If that wasn't enough to keep her busy, she is also the manager/administrator of her family construction company.

Don't forget to ask Meri about her notoriously badly behaved bulldog, Lucy!

(Soon, Meri will also be offering somatic release, & will be continuing to add different modalities to her sessions, so keep an eye out!)

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